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          Over one hundred years have passed since the first electric lights was bright at the holy shrine of Imam Reza in mashhad. In that time, the electricity for the first time was used in iran publicly. General Electric Company of mashhad was founded in 1316 and was working until 1343 that the regional electricity companies were established. Subsequently, the Khorasan Regional Electric Company, undertake to exhibited relevant services to the people of khorasan. Since 1371 to performing the new structure, the subsidiary companies were established and the different parts of Khorasan Electric were organized in the form of subsidiary companies.
          Initially, the mashhad electric energy distribution company was responsible for the management of distribution sector in the province.
          At the beginning , the mashhad electric energy distribution company started its activities with 1001 employees and 541,368 subscribers in the mashhad, chenearn, sarakhs, fariman and kalat.
          At the first of company's work, the facilities of grid including:
          Description Unit Value
          Air low voltage grid kilometer 3587
          Grounded low voltage grid kilometer 604
          Air 20 kV grid kilometer 3549
          Grounded 20 kV grid kilometer 207
          Air street lighting kilometer 3556
          Grounded street lighting kilometer 266
          Air transformer device 5285
          Grounded transformer device 530
          Capacity of air transformer Kilo volt Ampere 939718
          Capacity of Grounded transformer Kilo volt Ampere 409915

          In the second half a year 1382, chenaran, sarakhs, fariman townships and in the second half a year 1386, kalat township were separated from the mashhad electric energy distribution company.
          After the several years from beginning of the company activity, we have observed a significant growth in the field of electric power industry and so this company often has been among the top distribution companies of Iran. Owing to existence of holy shrine of Imam Reza in Mashhad, this city is very important and annually welcomes to several million pilgrims and this indicates the high sensitivity of the tasks of the mashhad electric energy distribution company.

          Hope that with the help of God and efforts of hard-working employees of the mashhad electric energy distribution company, all efforts and its ability have to engage in order to serve to the honorable people of Mashhad and the dear pilgrims.

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