Mashhad Electric Energy Distribution Vision 1405:

About Us

Aim of the company establishment: Electric distribution on a reliable and sustainable basis and "production and supply of electricity" with an economic approach in accordance with the related rules and regulations

Subject of the company:

In furtherance of the company's goals and in accordance with regulations, policies, plans, standards and regulatory laws of the Ministry of Energy including the standards supervising quality of electricity, reliability and wastes of electric distribution networks and the regulations governing payment of electricity price and in compliance with commercial and economic principles, the company is authorized to perform operations and make transactions as may be necessary for and/or in connection with the company's purposes at the discretion of the company as follows:

Life of the company:

An indefinite period beginning from the date of registration

Scope of the company's activity:


Nationality and head office of the company:

Iranian. Head office of the company is located in Mashhad.

Contact Us:

Khayam Blvd. Mashhad, Iran. Postal Code: 1115- 91735

Tel: (+98)51-31703

Fax: (+98)51-37681066